SEO - Dimitar Kondev (Димитър Кондев)

Affiliate Marketing

iGaming industry

I am an experienced SEO expert with a specialized focus on the iGaming industry. Over the years, I’ve created and executed  various SEO and Marketing strategies for such affiliates, placing my focus on driving high-quality organic traffic and improving the visibility of our partner’s websites.

My objective has always been to maximize the digital presence of the brands I collaborate with, attracting valuable leads, that result in increased revenue.


What My Clients and People Who I Worked With Say:

Most common tools I use for SEO:

Google Search Console
Screaming Frog
Chat GPT
Link Research Tools
Dimitar Kondev (Димитър Кондев)

My Experience:​

What I have done so far:

Senior SEO Off-Page Manager: 2023-Currently

SEO Manager: 2021-2022


Currently, I’m accountable for the expansion of crucial markets within the gambling industry. Part of my day-to-day activities are:

  • Digital PR: Create linkable assets and promote them to journalists
  • Disavow files and link profile audits
  • Create and implement link-building strategies for international websites
  • Track the impact of links on individual websites and across the entire network
  • Advise improvements and expansion (On-Page and Technical) to pages/domains on the markets
  • Innovative link acquisitions and diversification
  • Negotiating with the biggest media brands in the world for 3rd party collaborations
  • Audits of competitor’s websites
  • Mentoring and training of Juniors and Mid-level SEOs

Freelancing - (2020-2021)

at Home 🙂

I spent a considerable amount of time as a freelancer and it has been quite the journey, opening doors to a variety of SEO experiences, from the technical aspects to on-page and off-page elements.

I was working on projects mainly for the English- speaking markets as the US, UK, and occasionally some Bulgarian ones. They have been a unique learning curve, filling my toolbox with diverse SEO knowledge that can be applied in many niches.

Meanwhile, my thirst for knowledge increased a lot, and managed to  leverage every resource at my disposal to acquire new courses and tools.

As you might be aware, wearing the freelancer hat has its own set of perks. Apart from the flexibility, it’s a continuous learning opportunity.

One standout skill I’ve managed to acquire during this time is basic WordPress development. As it turns out, it often walks hand in hand with SEO, so it’s been a great bonus.

Along the way, I’ve also had the chance to collaborate with some fantastic digital agencies, like Coonecto, WebTact, and SimpleStudio.

Each partnership has been a learning adventure, adding more layers to my professional journey.

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